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With the combined magic of the island, the people, and the dolphins; I found a part of myself I didn't even realize that I had lost.  I found my joy.  My heart opened and an extraordinary feeling of love came from deep within me.  I will be forever grateful.  The experience was bliss; it is my heaven on earth. 
I enjoyed every aspect of the retreat - the sublime location, the cheery lodging, the savory meals, the entertaining and informative guest presenters, and - of course - the magnificent dolphins.  Every detail was obviously given a great degree of thought.  As a participant, I felt the love that went into the food, the events, and the environment we called home. 
The dolphins and the whales astonished us, awed us, and blessed us with their presence.  Their sense of community and love for each other is a powerful lesson we can take back and share with the rest of the world. 
My heart soars when I think of the collection of people that gathered together.  These souls are now my friends and my family.  I continue to support and am supported by this remarkable group. I was truly blessed by this experience.  Thank you, Hannelore!
Melanie Anderson

In February 05 I was blessed to be able to book the last space on the most incredible adventure of my life.  Hannelore has fine tuned all the perfect aspects of a relaxing, informative, thought provoking, entertaining week that I have ever experienced.  There was a perfect balance each day of doing inner growth work, playing with the dolphins and learning from them, enjoying fantastic meals, going out on excursions.  There was always quiet time for meditation, spending time getting to know the other guests/friends or journaling.  The location was perfect and luxuriously comfortable.  The outings were always intriguing, informative and fun filled.  Hannelore is a most loving, compassionate and gracious hostess and facilitator whose talents shine in all aspects of this week long retreat.  We were all sad to see it end as we became good friends with everyone we shared this sacred space with.  This experience was life changing for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  If you wish to learn more I would gladly share my experiences with you.
Dianna Watson

What can I say about my trip to Kona, Hawaii and my experience with at the Dolphin Retreat?  In one word, Magical!  From the breathtaking retreat setting, the incredible people, the delicious food, the fun we had on the boat ride, 'Dolphin' Dave's infectious laugher, to Hannelore's wonderful and caring guidance.  Hannelore's wish that we should all enjoy and connect with this special place kept the retreat alive.  The excitement of watching for and then finally seeing the
Dolphins come into the bay to play each morning was unforgettable.  Plus, being able to be in the water with the dolphins was an experience that was more than I could have imagined.
What was my most profound memory?  Having this huge whale make an appearance and then waving its tail, in the middle of Hannelore sharing a Channeled message from the Great White whale.  Was that an acknowledgment of our presence?
My greatest gift of this retreat was the special friendships I made.  Many of these special people will continue to be a very important part of my life.
Thank you, Hannelore

What a wondrous experience! I went to the dolphin event with no expectations and a few fearful concerns only to watch all of that melt away to be replaced with such love and joy, I have a difficult time finding words.
The support, both physical and spiritual, was gracious and readily forthcoming.

I met with like minds while truly playing and laughing with both pods.
I’m home now and filled with dolphin. “ Podliness is indeed Godliness”
I have started saving for my next trip with Hannelore and her incredible team. If you get a whisper from the Universe, follow it to this magic.
Rachel from White Rock,BC

Hannelore, I have so much gratitude and joy when I remember Hawaii and your Dolphin Retreat. For the first time I truly fell in love and experienced forgiveness and it was with me. I experienced "Dolphin Energy", I truly know what it is to love and live in each moment, to be open and trust and to let go and feel. On my last day I asked the Dolphins for a message if there was one and then let it go, later a Dolphin came to me and completed a full circle of spinning jumps around me, my message was that I was the center, the love-the joy-everything I have been searching for is within me. It was also a time of many new experiences and connecting with amazing people on a soul level who will stay in my heart always. I have healed and grown and opened-it has enriched my life.         
 Mahalo. Shawna

I wrote this when I returned:
I bloom...
Ever so delicately my petals unfold
ever so desperately my petals unfurl
to reveal my essence
my light
my love,
you breathe me in
I breathe you in
we are One.

I came with the expectation of the adventure of swimming with the wild dolphins; I left with the sweetness of joy of experiencing the mystical magic of surround sound dolphin dance of life. There are no words that can express the beauty and joy one experiences in the presence of the angels of the sea.
The magic of this retreat is that the experience will live on forever within your being. The mystery lies in the interconnected energies of the land, the sea and all creatures and how the energy and the experience nurtures ones mental, physical and spiritual well being.
Thank you Hannelore for sharing the gift of your dream of swimming with the wild and free.
Jan Butts

The changes that took place in my awareness were profound. My heart opened so much, and my vibration rose to a much higher level. To find such a beautiful connection with the dolphins and the people truly awakened a part of me that I didn’t even know was asleep. My gratitude to the universe and Hannelore is overwhelming.
 Mahalo! Sommer

The Communing with Dolphins Retreat was an incredible life changing experience. The Dolphins showed us how to let go and just play. They are beautiful loving, joyful beings. Hannelore has created a magical place on land. I felt welcomed into a community of people that reflected the magic realm of the Dolphins. It was like a fairytale. I took this magic back home and into my World.
Carole Friessen

had the most incredible and profound personal experience on this retreat.  It became an unexpected journey guiding me to a place of Self realization, clarification and enlightenment beyond a realm that one could only ever possibly imagine.  My heart was filled with tremendous joy, peace and love....indeed an experience I will cherish for a life time.
Leanne Houston

I came with my daughter, and what a way to have a holiday and connect!  I thought it might be too much for me as I am in my seventies, but all were very kind to me and I was able to take in
everything.  It was quite a privilege to be able to enjoy so many talented young people and the variety of entertainment was so enlightening. My highlights were snorkeling with my swimming angel ‘Dolphin Dave’, swimming and seeing Dolphins, turtles, colourful fish, beautiful coral and kayaking with my daughter.  There is something for all ages to do.  The food that Todd prepared was delicious and absolutely fantastic.  Hannelore is a great facilitator and a very compassionate person.
Thank you, Mina Werseen

Thank-you for the opportunity to share in the Dolphin retreat. My life has been enlightened and enriched by all of the experiences. I have done things that I would never thought that I would do and I have seen magnificent scenes that I never thought that I would see. The people that I met will be in my thoughts forever as they have touched my soul. The tranquility and the spirituality of the retreat will remain one of my greatest high points in my life.
With Love Emjai.

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