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Featured Guests
David Jimenez - DOLPHIN DAVE as we call him, inspires and entertains us with his drums and Didgeridoo.  He brings humour and pure joy to the group.  He has an innate ability to connect us with our inner child, to laugh and to connect with the energy of love that is within.  He brings us to a place of becoming one with the playfulness of the Dolphins. He makes our experience at the retreat an unforgettable one!

His stories are inspiring and his artwork is a real treat to bring into your home.
Nassim Haramein, as early as 9 years old, was already developing the basis for a Hyper-dimensional theory of everything he called the "Holofractographic Universe." This Unified Field Theory was developed based on a specific geometric array which he has found to be fundamental to creation. This theory has now been presented to the scientific community, and his scientific papers will soon be followed by a DVD and a book for the layman entitled "Crossing the Event Horizon." His website:http://www.theresonanceproject.org
He conducts layman workshops and seminars on his theories to help bring an awareness that is greatly needed at this time. These lectures are designed around his life experiences beginning with childhood illuminations, followed by his research of ancient codes left in monuments and documents around the world -which, interestingly, seemed to have lead him through a similar path of investigation as Sir Isaac Newton (having spent a significant part of his adult life deeply immersed in the study of ancient texts before arriving at his fundamental laws of nature) - and culminating in his Unified Field Theory. Many believe that his work may lead to some of the most important scientific, philosophical and technological discoveries of our time.

Her website:

Francene Hart is an internationally recognized visionary artist, whose work has been widely published in books and magazines, and hang in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet.  She was summoned by Spirit in 2001 to the Big Island of Hawaii, and is now painting, swimming and living her bliss in bless’ed Hawaii.

Her work has led her into an exciting exploration into the wisdom and symbolic imagery of Sacred Geometry.  Her paintings bridge the gap between this reality and the metaphorical world of healing, continuity and transformation.  She created the ‘Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck’.

Mona and Catering Assistants
Mona is the perfect caterer for my retreat. I wanted the food to be so amazing that my group would feel that "They had left this planet and gone to Heaven". Mona and her assistants, provide us with the most outstanding, succulent, gourmet, organic, mouth watering and scrumptious selection of meals and spectacular deserts. Superb and equally presented with love, special attention is given to detail. Many of the retreat participants are still raving about the meals and our lovely chefs. In fact on more than one occasion, upon completing a meal, the comment was "I feel like I died and went to Heaven" Thank you Mona!! You add greatly to making our retreat a memorable one.  YUM!!!   www.konacatering.com

Joseph and Kathryn have blessed our retreats for the past few years now. Their Aloha spirit, love and knowledge of the Island have enhanced everyone’s experience. They are a beautiful couple, both individually and as a team. The healing energies they bring into their body work and the professionalism, insights, gentleness of spirit and compassion they express in the many skills they have to offer is exemplary. Private Sessions, body work, astrological charts, and guided tours have all been a pleasure to experience – and are awesome.